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Travel Advisory

We’d like to provide you with some important information, which will be useful to know before coming to Myanmar and they will be of big help for your trip planning.


Entry Visa: All visitors to Myanmar are required to carry a valid passport and a Myanmar visa. The passport must be valid for six months beyond the intended length of stay. Application for Entry visa into Myanmar may be made at any Myanmar embassy or consulate. However, it is advisable to apply at the Myanmar Embassy or consulate of the traveler’s country of residence. If that cannot be done, application at Myanmar Embassy at any other country would also be advisable. For the application process, the requirements of supporting documents and time taken for the application can be slightly varied in different Myanmar embassy in different countries; it is advisable to check with Myanmar Embassy before application. If the embassy asked for a confirmed itinerary as a supporting document, we will be able to provide one once the services have been booked through us. We can also be contacted for more information with regards to the current updates on extension of visa and policy on overstay.

Monetary issue
International Credit Cards & Foreign Currencies: The most practical advice to start with is “Bring American Dollars in Cash!”, as Myanmar is a cash-only country due to restrictions imposed on all credit cards transactions. Use of credit cards is not possible in the country. The restriction applies to all venders and service providers. As a result of the restriction, you will need to insure that you are carrying sufficient cash in US (American) Dollars (in cash) when you enter Myanmar as there is totally no use of credit cards or travelers cheque. There are no ATM machines in Myanmar. No bank or wire transfers can be made into the banks in Myanmar. (Please contact us for further information if you do not wish to carry large sum of money in cash for paying for the services you purchased through Good News Travels.) As you may already be aware, other international currencies are not readily accepted in Myanmar. Thus, before you depart from your home country you will want to convert into US$ (American Dollars) any funds you may require for your travels within Myanmar. You can bring as much cash as you need as there is no restriction and limitation with regards to the amount one could bring in. You just have to declare by filling out in the Custom form upon arrival if the cash you carry is exceeding the amount of US$ 2000. (A lot of travelers often misunderstand that as restriction for not bringing more that US$ 2000). For your information, one should have some new US 100 Dollar note (with big Franklin head) and 50 Dollars notes (with big Grant head) issued in or after 1996 with no marks, torn edges or corners, for exchanging into local currency – kyats. Notes with CB serial numbers and with small Franklin head for USD 100 and notes with AB serial numbers and with small Grant head for USD 50 are not well-accepted by a lot of venders due to banking reasons within the country. It is also generally advisable to carry small denominations for your food, drinks and shopping. Kindly make sure any American money you bring is in good condition and are not dirty, damage and tattered.

Climate & Temperature
From October till March is the cool and dry season in most part of Myanmar, when one can enjoy a nice, bright and sunny weather with clear blue sky. It is considered as the peak tourist season as the weather is most agreeable with milder temperatures and coincident with several common international holidays. The average day temperature in areas like Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan can be between 25 and 35 degree Celsius but the night time and early morning temperature is between 15 and 25 degree Celsius. The temperature on Shan Mountains (Inle Lake and Kyaing Tong), can be slightly above the freezing point at night time and pleasantly cool during the day time. In the northern Kachin state temperature can drop below freezing point.
From June till September is the monsoon season. The coastal and delta region of Myanmar received afternoon and early evening shower daily. Rainy season is considered as an off-peak period for tourism in Myanmar. However, the rainy season is also a good time to visit as a lot of areas have very pleasant rains with milder tropical temperatures. The rainy season makes green scenery everywhere. The rain keeps the dust down in some dusty area like Bagan and Mandalay. Photographers will have great sunset and sunrise pictures due the cloud formation in the rainy season. Another good reason is that visitors would receive discounted low-season prices in hotels and airlines.
April and May is the hottest months, when maximum temperatures in many parts of the country exceed 40 degree Celsius.

Cool, comfortable cotton is the most suitable fabric for Myanmar’s warm, humid tropical climate. Locally made cotton is available at most destinations.
For travelers heading to high altitude destinations (such as Kyain Tong, Inle Lake, Golden Rock and Putao) and if the trip consisted of taking boasts on lakes and cruising on rivers, it is advisable to take a sweater or jacket as it can be chilly at night and while taking the boats.
One should bring flip flops (or) easy-to-take-off shoes as there would be several shoes-off places of interest. Visitors are expected to properly dressed while visiting religious monuments like monasteries, pagodas and temples. Covering shoulders and knees is considered appropriate.


Please make sure you have fully comprehensive travel insurance before coming to Myanmar as it is not available in the country.


Train & Buses
The train and highway bus services can not be booked through a travel company as they are in the public domain. However, it is always advisable to check in advance as the time tables, schedules and prices may vary from time to time.





Private car for a long-distance journey
For a fully air-conditioned quality car expect to pay the range of 130 US$ to 150 US$ per day regardless of time and distance. Overall condition of road in Myanmar is extremely poor. Therefore, journey by a private car tend to take a long time and are not particularly comfortable. Please avoid long car journey where possible.


Cell Phone
Local telephone network doesn't allow any International roaming. So, any cell phone brought from oversea will not be able to use within Myanmar. Although you will not be able to communicate by using your hand phone in Myanmar, the law doesn't prohibit you from brining it.


Disclaimer: We've tried to make the information on this web site as accurate as possible, but it is provided 'as is' and we accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by anyone resulting from this information.


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